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City Paper

'Under The Scope' is a motley science fair of an exhibition 

Eli Zeger, Nov 30, 2016

"...A. Gray Lamb, in her 'Select Articles from the New Institute of Historical Cosmological Exploration' approaches the blending of fact and fiction more solemnly."


Science Fictions

Anna Fine Foer, Nov 3, 2016

"Like filmmaker Kubrick’s images of a fake moon landing, which are more compelling than the real images sent back to us, Lamb makes us want to believe that her artifacts and evidences are real."

East City Art

Other Worlds, Other Stories at Washington Project for the Arts

Eric Hope, Feb 3, 2016

"This line of inquiry begins with A. Gray Lamb’s New Institute of Historical Cosmological Exploration which points out that dominant narratives are often filled with fictitious data points."

Other Mentions

"Other Worlds, Other Stories", Washington City Paper, Kriston Capps, Jan 15, 2016

In the galleries: ‘Spring Solos’ at Arlington Arts Center, Washington Post, Mark Jenkins, June 19, 2015

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